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All coffee lovers adore the authentically Portuguese espresso, the exquisite coffee served daily in our traditional cafés!
Prepared to perfection by generations of experts, the Portuguese espresso is a classic with a flavour and aroma that are simply amazing!
Bicafé is a traditional Portuguese company specialised in all espresso coffee solutions: ground coffee, coffee capsules, coffee pods...
Since 1974, more has been our key word, our driving force for development.
More quality, more innovation, more responsibility, more partnership, more attention to detail,  more friendliness, more sharing and more customer support.
Because more is a lifestyle, Bicafé  advocates these values by spreading the aroma, flavour and quality of its coffee around the world. By combining excellent services and products with a carefully designed image, Bicafé is reaching more and more coffee lovers and giving them more and more pleasure…
Bicafé is committed to continuously improving the quality of its processes, products and services.
In November 2003, consequent to its Total Quality policy, Bicafé was awarded the Compliance Certificate under Standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2008, which highlights the company’s responsible attitude toward its business and the passion it puts into its activity. In December 2005, Bicafé became the first company in the world to be awarded by SGS ICS the Compliance Certificate under Standard NP EN ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management Systems Standard - Requirements for any organization in the food chain.

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