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Starting the workday to the flavour of an excellent espresso, taking a break entranced by the aroma of a delicious coffee, offering an outstanding coffee to clients or revitalising your energy during a meeting while drinking a perfect espresso are examples of how a good machine and a great coffee can transform workday moments into very relaxing breaks enjoyed among colleagues and visitors.

To achieve this,
Bicafé proposes a solution of single coffee pods or coffee capsules and the use of a modern coffee machine that is robust and easy to operate.

For easy preparation, Bicafé supplies coffee Kits that include, in addition to coffee pods/capsules (100 units), the corresponding individual sugar packets, plastic cups and disposable spatulas. A Kit with every detail in mind so that you can enjoy a Bicafé easily and simply. How this product reaches you is pure simplicity, since deliveries are made without additional costs at the location and intervals requested by the client. Don’t hesitate to contact us at for further information.

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