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Bicafé is a Portuguese multinational with more than 40 years of history specialized in the art of intense espresso coffee with character. We offer coffee in its most varied forms, whether in grain, pastille or capsule, always with the same attention to quality and respect for the long Portuguese tradition of the best espresso coffees.


Present in more than 20 countries, such as France, Luxembourg, England, Belgium, Morocco, Egypt, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Uruguay, China, Peru, Cape Verde, Hungaria and the USA, Bicafé is proud to spread the delicious aroma and taste of our shape of a coffee!

Currently, Bicafé is one of the most important players in Portugal either in the process of manufacturing coffee capsules compatible with the main systems, or in the Horeca channel.


With a factory located in the municipality of Gondomar, in S. Pedro da Cova, in an area of ​​about 4,000 m2 we have a fully automated and efficient process, producing capsules for the most important distribution insignia, including the Bicafé brand.


Our range of clients is very broad and includes Private Label Customers, Agents, Cash and Carry, Resellers and Direct Customers, commercializing the various types of capsules produced and the numerous batches of coffee beans diligently developed.

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